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Further Reading

Student Homes of Derby offers a wide range of properties in the Derby area specifically for students. We have over 20 properties in our portfolio all of which are maintained to a high standard and that adhere to all statutory requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering a better quality of student accommodation in Derby than that offered by other landlords in the area.

Most of our properties are in the City Centre or University area of Derby. We have been established since 2002 and have been providing excellent standards of student accommodation in Derby during that time.

All of our Derby student houses have broadband (with wired connections to each room), low summer retainer and from one to eight bedrooms.

Feedback from our tenants is that our properties are maintained to a much higher standard that other student houses - we pride ourselves on offering great value and service.

We are always adding new properties to our portfolio so be sure to check back if all properties are full.

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